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The Untold Story

What you need to consider before you decide on saying “yes” and how to protect yourself.

Exposing an abusive culture and mentality and appalling lack of leadership/mentorship in the trucking industry in Alberta in protecting professional drivers’ rights, safety, health, and well-being in this demanding environment.

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What you need to consider before you decide on saying “yes” and how to protect yourself


Back Injuries among Professional Drivers is a recognized high-risk occupational hazard as a result of long hours on average of 15-hour days, 70 hours a week. Job duties that can include physically demanding heavy repetitive lifting and moving of heavy loads, inadequate meal breaks and rest periods in-between shifts that result in no personal time to recover from mental and physical fatigue. This...

The Untold Story


Reporting a work-related injury does not make professional drivers an expendable commodity.   This is not the case for the trucking industries’ respected members and company officials as they see us as disposable and of no value to them.   We are still a strong contribution to the economic growth and prosperity of Canada, we are entitled to both employment standards and human rights...

My Story


My injury claim was not handled by officials with due diligence, integrity and the level of competence and professionalism a valued employee would come to expect while employed with a company that claims to be professional and place emphasis on protecting their employees’ rights, safety, health, and well-being in their charge. Professional Companies with moral standards and code of ethics that...

Letter from the President


How a well-respected and trusted professional trucking company treats their professional drivers after reporting a work-related injury and while on approved supervised medical leave the seeking appropriate as required is a reflection of the entire trucking industry and its respected members treatment towards all professional drivers’ who earn their living on  the road in this demanding...

Driver’s Daily Log Book


“How a company treats its employees can be judged by its commitment to honesty and loyalty only then will you see its true character.”   Bob Siluch I was instructed by my employer after seeking medical treatment not to report my back injury to the Workers’ Compensation Board and my request for a Day of the Injury Report Claimant Form was denied instead provided with the Employee and...

August 28, 1995, to Present


“I am sorry that your experience since your injury has been unpleasant.”, “I understand that it was not handled to your satisfaction.”, “I understand that you have filed a claim with Alberta Human Rights.”   Vice President – Chief Operating Officer October 1, 1997 “we deny allegations that he was discriminated and harassed at any time during or subsequent to his employment with the...

Principles and Values


“If we all come to work each and every day and, just try to do a good job, we will have a chance of being successful.”   “If we operate without grandstanding, without prejudice, without selfishness, and carry an open mind, and a willingness to serve, we will create an opportunity to become real professionals.”   President – Chief Execute Officer November 12, 1994...

Pre-Employment (Pre-Injury) Status


“The company has confirmation that you had a pre-existing injury before you came to work with this company, your job duties as a professional driver has nothing to do with your current injury; it is related to your old injury.”   Senior Official October 18, 1995 2 Investigation letters confirm there is no medical evidence to support that I came to the company with a pre-existing...

Economy Carriers Group of Companies Ltd. 1947 – 2010


“Your character is what you do when no one is looking. It is driven by virtues like honesty, respect for others, reverence for the law and moral culpability.”   Bob Siluch “If we operate without grandstanding, without prejudice, without selfishness, and carry an open mind, and a willingness to serve, we will create an opportunity to become real professionals”   “Our original family...

Be Informed and Know Your Rights


Government of Alberta Resources Work Safe Alberta Driving for work : Developing safe practices for employers and workers Alberta Transportation Ministry of Transportation Canadian Center of Occupational Health and Safety Quick Links: Work Place Injuries Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) – Risk Factors Musculoskeletal Disorders...



May 1998 Newsletter acknowledging that back injuries are a recognized high-risk occupational hazard for professional drivers in the industry while accounting for 63-Claims in 41-Months among their own professional drivers in their charge. Posters and Infographics   For more posters that promote awareness of health and safety messages, techniques, and best practices, click here. Ergonomics...