Economy Carriers Group of Companies Ltd. 1947 – 2010

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“Your character is what you do when no one is looking. It is driven by virtues like honesty, respect for others, reverence for the law and moral culpability.”


Bob Siluch

“If we operate without grandstanding, without prejudice, without selfishness, and carry an open mind, and a willingness to serve, we will create an opportunity to become real professionals”


“Our original family values of Respect, Integrity, Loyalty”


“We would have never made it this far, or be looking at such a promising future if it weren’t for all the employees, our family, who have contributed so much for so long, Employees are the backbone of the company”


“Commitment to listening to our people”


“We place a lot of emphasis on family”


“Working together as a team has been one of our major reasons for success of the company over the past four decades and for the reputation, we have earned within the trucking industry”


“They say you can always count on family…and right they are”


“It’s all in the family”


“Thanks to our family.”


President – Chief Execute Officer
Vice President – Chief Operating Officer


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