Principles and Values

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“If we all come to work each and every day and, just try to do a good job, we will have a chance of being successful.”


If we operate without grandstanding, without prejudice, without selfishness, and carry an open mind, and a willingness to serve, we will create an opportunity to become real professionals.”


President – Chief Execute Officer

November 12, 1994

“Our greatest assets are the people in the Company Group, and it’s their quality of attitude and ability that puts us one cut above our competition. Our people are the driving force.”


“I assure you that only the face of the company has changed. Our “Heart” is still the same! We must never forget who we are or how we got here and always remember to take pride in our people. You are the most important part of our company.”


Vice President – Chief Operating Officer
August/September 1996, December 1996/January 1997

“The professionalism you’ve displayed has set an example for others to follow, and has contributed to make us a Leader in our industry.”


President – Chief Execute Officer
Vice President – Chief Operating Officer

“People are our greatest resources. We strive to provide career opportunities, not just “jobs”. This philosophy goes back to when the company was first formed on the bases of our family values and family involvement. I feel we’ve maintained the ‘family feeling’ even though we’ve grown dramatically in size.”


“We firmly believe individuals should try to work themselves out of a job. If they do, and we don’t have room for them, it’s our responsibility to help find positions for them outside the company so they can continue to expand their talents.”


“We place a lot of emphasis on family”. “Looking back we feel proud of our accomplishments.”


President – Chief Execute Officer

“One of our mottoes is that safety is an attitude, And it’s a positive attitude towards safety we want to see in all of our employees, A senior management team that is 100 percent behind safety initiatives is key to the company’s impressive safety record and that it has created a culture in which everyone is constantly trying to improve.”


“President and CEO, his role is to provide leadership and guidance in setting the strategy and direction for the company into the future.”


“There is a lot of history to look back on to be proud of; we’ve accomplished some major innovations and contributions to the industry. We can look back at our history, take the lessons, we’ve learned and set the direction for the future.”


“We’re beginning to see more regulations and even more emphasis on safety by our customers. We always put a cap on the number of hours our drivers can work and have a real focus on safety and quality of life for our people.”


“employees are the backbone of the company. Their sense of commitment to customer service and dedication to excellence make this company what it is today – a leader.”


“They say you can always count on family…and right they are.”


President – Chief Execute Officer


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